Monday, 4 February 2013

Breakfast of Chumpions

In the quick visits I pay to other people's B&B sites - which I can classify as actually doing market research as opposed to daydreaming about a weekend break or, let's face it, rather creepy stalking - I realised that while others go to great lengths to describe their breakfast offers, we haven't mentioned it.  Which is a bit silly really as we're rather proud of our breakfast spread which is intended to set you up for a hard day's walk in the hills or alternatively standing around for hours at a wedding while other people's best sides are painstakingly discovered.

So we acquired some smart new menu folders and this weekend I sat down to re-write the menu, with a view to releasing it into the wilds of the internet.  Almost at once I was distracted. What about photos?  Twitter loves photos.  And so does Facebook.  No point doing it without photos.  Proper photos of what you really get when you sit down at Edge House's breakfast table, not stockpic cheating. 

At once I decided I would cook ALL our breakfast dishes, as soon as the guests had gone.  I informed the rest of the household that there would be no Sunday lunch, just never-ending breakfast.   I did have enough nous to lay up a selection of tables first, with dummy teas and coffees and juices and some time-expired toast.  But I quickly realised there was no way we could cook everything at once, photograph it from as many angles as possible, and then consume it before it became disgustingly congealed.  

So we did it in waves.  About 2.00 pm we ate full cooked breakfasts - including the veggie option - after which we embarked on delicate negotiations as to who would move on to the pancakes, the porridge, or the french toast, and who would have to man up and eat the kippers and yogurt.  I love a croissant but perhaps not for tea.  By the time we were ready for the next round  we had to draw the curtains in the breakfast room so you couldn't see it was pitch black outside.

In all the action I forgot take the date and time stamp off the camera.  I sat down at my trusty pc this morning and shoved the photocard in. To my horror all have weird, utterly non-breakfast times on them and I have visions of some pedant demanding pancakes at 9.00pm because that's what it says on the website.

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