Monday, 14 January 2013

Postcard from the Past

Spurred on by my lucky find to more eBay excursions, I found this 1912 postcard showing Corwen's wooden footbridge over the Dee.  To be honest I am not sure where this was but looking at the skyline it is east of the town.
The sender is equally confused.  Her card, postmarked Northwich in Cheshire on 10 October 1912, is addressed to a friend in Ledbury with the request: please forward.  

Dear Ethel - I am still alive - where are you? I don't know your Address hope you are well as we are here.  I have heard from Mrs Wotton She has arrived in York safe but new Cook left Wed, was  here  a month. I had a nice holiday and now we shall soon have winter here best love (name illegible).

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