Saturday, 26 January 2013

Molasses and Rice

19th Wholesale Grocery Invoice from the Roberts Family Archive

On the invoice itself the date is lost but the postmark is 6 June 1838
            Thomas Jones, Penmachno
Bought of George Crosfield & Co
Payment in Two Months
            I Tun (a barrel) Molasses & 1 Bag Rice

The goods are listed
            6 Lumps (sugar) 
½ Cwt (a hundredweight) of currants
Total cost was £26 and 11 shillings

from Conway Castle, bag and shipping

It is signed at the bottom - Geo Crosfield
The big hole in the middle is where it was stored on a spike.

Documents like this were not put in envelopes but folded and the address written on the other side. Note that there is no stamp – it was not until 1840 that postage stamps (Britain had the first stamps in the world) were introduced.  So the sender  – George Crosfield – has written his name on the side of the address area to indicate that he would pay the Post Office.

Robert David Roberts, the original owner of Edge House, started his career working for Thomas Jones.

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