Saturday, 14 June 2014

Birds at Bron-y-Graig

To our great pleasure the wagtails are back at Bron-y-Graig.  None of us can work out if they are yellow wagtails or the slightly more common grey wagtail - which has a confusing amount of yellow on it - but we are thrilled to see them again.

Last year they didn't manage to raise any chicks but this year they are on their second brood.  They nest in the Dublin Bay climbing rose beside the Stables so we ask our guests not to disturb them if they can help it. The birds are very cunning - you never see them fly direct to their nest - as soon as they spot you they won't go near it.  I have only once seen the parents feed the first brood, and that was after spending half an hour crouching behind the quarry wall so they forgot about me.  

Here's the only photo I managed to get

We always have the odd - and I mean odd - pheasant poking about.

As I write this I can hear small birds cheeping somewhere which probably means there are bluetits in Room 5's gables again.  And there is a big swallow?housemartin? nest in the highest gable beside Room 6.

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