Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Ships Supplied on the Shortest Notice (22 May 1839)

This invoice is dated 22 May 1839 and records a sale to Ellis Thomas from Joseph Jones who describes himself as a Wholesale and Retail Grocer and Tea-Dealer.  In swirly decorations round the firm name he advertises:

Teas direct from the India House.  Butters, cheese, etc

Ships supplied with Stores on the shortest notice

If I am reading the list of goods correctly, the invoice is for

4 Blue Sugar
1 Bag Rice
28 Raisins

 You can see a hole with a brown stain round it where the bill has been stuck on to a somewhat rusty spike for storage.

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  1. This invoice illustrates the long reach of Liverpool commercial interests into North Wales long before the train arrived in 1865. That a Jones is supplying a Thomas would indicate a likely mutual Welsh connection.