Sunday, 17 March 2013

Per Rails to Conwy, 17 March 1859

This is a Duty Note - a record of the amount of import tax paid by Bentham Bowen & Co on goods imported for Mr David Davies.

Duty Note            9, Harrington Street
Liverpool,  17 March 1859
Cash paid Her Majesty’s Customs

by Bentham Bowen & Co
 for Mr David Davies & Sons “Penmachno”

1 Chest Cougar Tea
W H Nightingale   (signature)
No 1030  90th         £6.8.11
(six pounds, 8 shillings and elevenpence)

per Rails to Conway (ie it was delivered by train)
to late for the trader 

As we have no profit on Money advanced for duties, immediate repayment is necessary, Should delay occur; Interest and Bank Commission will be charged.

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